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Guesthouse concept for Humanitarian Foundation
in cooperation with Co-OPERAID
Thanchi, Bandarban, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Our suggestion for the elongated, gently sloping plot is a two-storey building with a "head" and two "legs", stretching into vegetation and forming a cozy yard between them. Through the positioning of the building it appears as an addition/completion of the existing Skill Development Center ensemble, forming a kind of entrance square to welcome visitors. Entering the "head" you'll find a generous multifunctional space, containing restaurant, reception, shop, etc. .This space has a large opening towards the green yard and parts of it can be separated through sliding-/folding doors to be used as conference rooms. From the upper floor you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Visitors reach their hotel rooms via porticos facing the yard. The porticos are wide enough to function as covered balconies/terraces, inviting visitors to read a book in front of their hotel room. Depending on demand and budget, the "legs" of the building could be shorter at first, additional units could be added later. Due to the slightly sloping terrain, we suggest sections of the "legs" should be stepping downwards accordingly. This helps the building to appear less massive and more embedded in the green surrounding. At the southern tip of the plot the two-storey cottage is placed slightly secluded, embedded in the vegetation. 

Concept Situation_edited.jpg
Yard Section_edited.jpg
Perspective Section_edited.jpg
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